How is the Credibility of Mesothelioma Attorney in Chicago?

Reviews of Mesothelioma Attorney in Chicago, a thorough review of danger asbestos and Mesothelioma Attorney, especially in the city of Chicago USA. The non-profit American Cancer Society (ACS) has $ 1 billion worth of money that might sound like a huge amount. Why are not the nonprofits saving their donations in large enough amounts?

Just in 1995, the Wall Street Journal found that Arizona chapters had spent at least 95% of the total public donations to pay their salaries and also their own overheads, and had undoubtedly earned the amount they spent on patient services as much as ten times the amount in fact. then in 2007, A Dan Wiant from the Chicago chapter was caught by the FBI for having made a $ 7 million donation to his Swiss bank account number on the grounds of a research grant. Then in 1985, Miriam Grubard, head of the chapter in New York City, was indicted on charges of wiping out tax money related to donor budgets that received an undue tax cut. As a national citizen who has no control over many chapters in his state, I am naturally puzzled as to how much of the $ 1 billion annual national contributions have really been spent to help fight the malignancy of cancer.

What is listed on a site called ACS, says that chemotherapy treatments are at the top of all lists that have been followed by radiation therapy. They say that "mainstream cancer treatments such as radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery may be unpleasant, but they have really been scientifically tested and proven to work to cure cancer."

But Dr. Ulrich Abel has another opinion. He is a biostatistician, He is someone who specializes in cancer research who has completed one of the complete statistical studies on chemotherapy. His conclusions from the results of chemotherapy research that he did were explained by one word: "terrible". He also stated that the belief in the effectiveness of chemotherapy results cannot be proven by science.

Please act once again to get to this safe lane and you will soon find AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca is the name of a pharmaceutical company that has a cancer sale of $ 5 billion in 2008. The company was previously owned by Imperial Chemical Industries, a manufacturer that produces industrial chemicals and international carcinogen pesticides. It has pledged $ 10 million to the ACS to create 50 sites for the needs of cancer patients in the U.S., and certainly to help cancer patients receive AstraZeneca cancer products.

So the conclusion is that we have a chemical company capable of creating cancer-causing carcinogenic chemicals, and transforming into a multibillion-dollar cancer care company, now partnering with a non-profit, easy-to-cheat cancer organization, to sending cancer patients to a joint treatment. facilities that sell their own cancer products. Do you have any questions or do you feel suspicious?

"We have a multibillion-dollar industry corporation that can kill people, left and right, solely for financial gain, input from them to do a study of whether these two doses of toxin can be better when compared to three toxic doses that." Glen Warner, M.D., Oncology

There is so much ethical debate that becomes a question involved in it that we must make the question what exactly is the purpose of the American Cancer Society. Can they really guide cancer patients with the convenient, safe and also very effective care system available or do they just take a big advantage by caring for them without paying any attention to how to provide the best service for patients?

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